RedditAway(tm) Patent Pending Reddit & YouTube Detox Solution

What's this?

This extension will randomly fade out YT and reddit at unpredictable intervals. I found it to be more successful and less jarring than other apps.

Due to popular occasional demand, I'm hosting this Chrome extension to easily share it with the lost souls who need it.

Since Reddit and Youtube take full advantage of your dopamine to keep you coming back, it's only fair to take advantage of your cortisol in response.


Other methods are too hardcore, too fussy or too easily disabled.

How to use

  1. Download the extension folder from here and unzip it wherever
  2. Navigate to chrome://extensions in Chrome's URL bar
  3. Switch on "Developer Mode" (top-right)
  4. Click "Load Unpacked"
  5. Select the folder where you unzipped extensions files

What stops me from disabling it?

Nothing. But if that's a problem, try copying that folder multiple times and loading multiple copies of the extension to Chrome so that it becomes too much work to toggle them on and off. I imagine doing that enough times will cause the pages to crash instead of fading out though. I'll fix it later.

I'm still unproductive!

If you use a mac, try the nuclear option with SelfControl app. If you don't use a mac, discard your machine into the trash taking care to remove the lithium ion battery (although, maybe you should throw it away), then get a mac.